American Immersion: Beat Furrer is coming to New York May 14-17. Checkout what Tara says about learning this masterpiece and preparing her brand new contrabass flute for FAMA Scene VI.

FAMA is really an amazing composition and it’s a thrill to be a part of this project. The writing is so imaginative and colorful and the Talea Ensemble is very excited to be working with composer Beat Furrer!

I routinely play flute, picc, bass and alto flutes and they are really common these days. What is exciting for me is being able to use my new contrabass flute. The bottom end of the range is one note lower than cello, and its so great to be able to live down there for a while. It’s a lot of pipe and the sound is incredibly sensuous.

Beat Furrer is a master orchestrator and the way he uses this instrument, and others in the work is genius. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear FAMA!

-Tara Helen O’Connor