Have you been Naughty or Nice this year?

Wondering if Santa’s coming down your chimney?

Talea has the inside look at Santa’s list:

Gave a compliment?
✔ Nice!

Didn’t get your flu shot?
✘ Kinda naughty

Listened to a new composer?
✔ Definitely nice!

Didn’t try anything new?
✘ Not naughty, but kinda boring.

Took a risk on a world premiere?
✔ Very nice!

Made a paper plane with your program and flew it at the performers?
✘ Most likely that was naughty

Made a charitable donation to the Talea Ensemble?
✔✔ Not only do Santa and the IRS think that’s really nice, but the Talea Ensemble agrees!

Haven’t done that yet?
You’re not naughty; in fact, you have until midnight on December 31st!

For every $10 you donate to the Talea Ensemble, you receive one raffle ticket for a $300 gift certificate to The Modern, MoMA’s unique restaurant located at 9 East 53rd. St in New York City.

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