You know Rane and Matt Gold and David and Steve Beck,
Chris Gross, Greg, Beth, Adrian, Yuki Numata Resnick**-
But do you recall?

The common thread of them all…

Alex Lipowski founded it
Along with his friend Anthony Cheung
And if you ever heard them
You’d say it was super fun.
All of the great musicians
Love to play some wild stuff
Fearlessly they rehearse it
Turns out they are really tough.

Then one foggy concert eve,
Santa came to say-
“Talea, we need some cheer-
Play a concert for us to hear”

The crowd gathered in the venue
Dazzled by works that were new
To all those who have supported us,
This piece we dedicate to you!

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Our best wishes for a terrific holiday season!

**Santa can’t compete with our roster. In addition to the above, we have Tara and Barry, Marianne, James and Erik, Jeff, 2 more Daves, another Steve, and Jim Baker in the lead.

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